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Criminal Attorney > Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

Lisabeth J. Fryer is a Florida criminal defense attorney who focuses extensively on obtaining post-conviction relief for convicted defendants in state and federal court. Whether you received ineffective assistance of counsel, the Court committed a sentencing error, or newly discovered evidence requires a new trial, Call Lisabeth J. Fryer, P.A. for a consultation on your case. She is a dedicated post-conviction relief attorney who has the experience needed to evaluate your circumstances.

Post-Conviction Motions

Motions for post-conviction relief, also known as collateral appeals, are based on different grounds than a direct appeal. A direct appeal is based on errors that occurred at trial, such as if the judge admitted evidence that should have been excluded or gave the wrong set of instructions to the jury. These types of errors can be heard on appeal if they were properly objected to at trial, so the issues were properly preserved for appeal or are considered fundamental error.

There are jurisdictional time limits for postconviction motions based on ineffective assistance counsel and newly discovered evidence claims, so it is of the utmost importance you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Call Lisabeth Fryer for Help with Newly Discovered Evidence in Your Criminal Law Case

For a free consultation on the likelihood of success in filing a postconviction motion under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.850 or a Federal Habeas motion call criminal defense attorney Lisabeth J. Fryer at 407-960-2671.

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